What is iRadiologyCare Inc.?

Can we as patients, or as consumers get basic healthcare services in one of the most advanced economies in the world without breaking our wallets? With the way healthcare costs are spiralling higher and higher, it looks like a distant dream. At iRadiologyCare Inc. we are trying to put some bounds on these costs, at least for some of the healthcare services.  

iRadiologyCare Inc. is a US based Managed Service Organization (MSO) that provides technology solutions for getting its customers access to high quality, fast and cost effective radiology services like X-rays, MRI, PET/CT, CT Scans, Mammograms, Ultrasounds and Nuclear Medicine through a network of service providers.

We are NOT a healthcare provider NOR we are an insurance company. If you need quality radiology service for affordable prices that are up to 75% off the market prices, and a quick turn around time, we can help you. We provide services to people who do not have insurance, who have high deductibles or who are willing to pay cash for these services.

Information for Providers

How will YOU benefit?

Joining is FREE. We create a win-win situation for our customers and also with you. Our business strategies allow us to keep overall costs low making it a win-win for our customers and also for you. We take care of billing costs, scheduling costs, marketing costs for you when a customer (your potential paitient) comes through iRadiologyCare 

iRadiologyCare can be a new revenue stream for your business by booking time slots that would otherwise be lost revenue.

You will have access on our website via a private member DashBoard where you can see all related info with respect to the business we bring to your door steps.

For more information, please do not hesistate to call us at number below or reach out to us via email below.

Information for Patients: How it all Works?

As a customer /  patient you will need to register with our website at ''. Schedule an appointment with the healthcare provider via zip code search to get access to radiologists in iRadiologyCare Inc. network of providers in your area. Select the service you need and pay the bill for the requested services upfront using a credit card or call iRadiologyCare Inc. to arrange to pay by cash. After the payment has been received & processed, you will get a confirmation for your selected service at the selected radiology service provider within 24 hours and in many cases immediately. As a next step, you will need to go to the selected radiologist's facility at the scheduled day / time slot and get the requested procedure. Your prescribing doctor gets the results online (or through a CD) usually within estimated 24 - 72 hours turn around time after the procedure has been completed at the providers facility. The details of the logistics are as follows:


Through  the HOME Page or 'FIND A CENTER' Page, Select the 'Procedure', 'Body Part' where the procedure is prescribed by your physician or healthcare service provider. Enter the 'Zip Code' close to which you would like access to radiology services like X--Rays, Ultrasound, MRI, PET Scan, CT Scan, Nuclear Medicine, and Mammograms. After the selection has been made, please click "GO" or "FIND A CENTER".


Depending on if you are previously registered with iRadiologyCare Inc. or not, it will ask you some additional information like your Name and other details about your Profile, Please fill in that information and REGISTER with our site.   

You will be directed to a filtered down list of providers (centers) closest to your zip code who specialize in providing the service you have requested. For each provider, the distance from your zip code is shown along with cost of the requested service. The costs will vary from provider to provider depending on what they want to charge. For each provider, you will also notice a STAR Rating and an appointment button to "SCHEDULE A TIME". Select a provider by clicking on this 'SCHEDULE A TIME' button. It will take you to day and time selections for appointments with the selected provider.


Make your selection of 'Day' and 'Time' when you want to get the procedure done from among availabe choices by clicking any of the available dates / times.

If you are not logged in, the site will ask for your LOG-IN using your Login-ID and PASSWORD and will retake you to scheduling screen and request you to make a selection for Day / Time


If there are "no" slots available for the selected procedure with the provider you selected, please click the BACK TO RESULTS button to select another provider.  If you still want to go to your first choice provider, please send an email to iRadiologyCare Inc. staff at "" and we will try to help you as best we can. 


After you have made your selection for Day and Time with a provider of your choice, the website will take you to payment screen. It will show the amount that you need to pay for the requested procedure. Please fill in required information for Billing Address, Your Doctor's name, Your Doctor's Phone Number and your personal email where we should send you the billing receipt.Please select the 'Check Box' after you have read and agreed to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for using the website.

Please hit "GO TO PAYMENTS' button


iRadiologyCare Inc.uses reputed third party websites (") for payment processing. The website screen will take you to a third service provider STRIPE Inc. for making the payment. Please fill in credit card details and other requested information and click "PROCEED"


Once the payment is processed, the website will show you the Appointment Confirmation message along with BILLING DETAILS. The billing details include your procedure details, scheduled appointment information with the selected provider and the amount you paid.  These details are also sent to you in the email you provided and can also be accessed from your Dashboard on iRadiologyCare Inc. wesbite once you are logged-in.