iRadiologyCare Inc. provides access to a variety of services for its customers through a network of radiology service providers. We connect patients who have radiology services needs with radiology service providers. As of today, we are concentrating mainly on X-rays, PET Scan, CT Scan, Mammograms, Ultrasounds, Nuclear Medicine and MRI services for our customers. To know more about these various procedures, please click on links below.

Note: The information provided below for each of the services is for knowledge purposes only and should not be construed as a medical advise. Please get in touch with your doctor or health care provider for medical advise. 


Guide to PET Scans. What is a PET Scan? A positron emission tomography scan referred to as PET scan for short is a type of diagnostic imaging scan. A PET scan is a unique medical imaging scan in that it identifies abnormal m...


Guide to an Ultrasound What is an Ultrasound? Ultrasound is a medical imaging test that uses sound waves to create images of organs. You may also hear ultrasound referred to as sonography. During an ultrasound, a transducer,...


MRI What is an MRI? Magnetic resonance imaging also called MRI for short is a type of diagnostic medical imaging test your doctor may order. It differs from other imaging scans, such as CT scans and X-rays in that you are no...


Guide to Mammogram What is a Mammogram? A mammogram is a type of medical imaging test, which involves using low-dose x-ray beams to create an image of the breast tissue. It is commonly done to detect breast cancer. VIEW


Guide to Nuclear Medicine Scans What is a Nuclear Medicine Scan? Nuclear medicine scans are a category of medical imaging that involves using a small amount of radioactive material to diagnose and determine the severity of a...


Guide to CT Scans What is a CT Scan? A CT scan is a common noninvasive medical imaging scan. CT stands for computerized tomography, and the scan is routinely done to help diagnose different medical conditions.  <...


Patients Guide to X-Rays What is an X-Ray? An x-ray is a very common medical imaging test that is used to examine different parts of the body. It uses electromagnetic radiation to take pictures of structures inside of your b...